Monthly Archives: June 2011

So as promised but late some pics of the fig i just finished… now for those that dont know, this fig is about the 2 inches tall and was solid black before starting. for those that understand most the model in nmm style with only the top of the banner having a light gold base coat with nmm over it to make it stand out more. im not really happy with the banner, but i am very happy with the internal light source from the sword, its subtle but there. Not bad for having not picked up a brush for over a year. anyways hope yall like it.


next up skaven pre work out, ( get color scheme and styles down for my new upcoming skaven army.)

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So back home looking for work….

So back home looking for some work, and messing with some warhammer while not searching job sights, gonna sit down and paint some stuff tonight i think so look for post later on that.