So time for a new direction..

Pretty much decided today to go back to school for nursing. So after much job hunting with no luck and much soul searching and debating it seems im going back to a field i dabbled in a few years back. I always get told i should of gone into medicine because im constantly remembering first aid training and the biology i took from marine bio and guessing diagnosis correctly. So the lack of work coupled with the prodding of some loved ones and the parallel of a good friend doing the same thing heres to hoping it works out. Going down friday to talk to one of the schools, now i just hope i can get enough financial aid and help to compensate for not being able to find work while i go  back.

One thought on “So time for a new direction..

  1. A great idea man! I’ve had quite a few friends go into the nursing field after very similar stories as you. And as a member of the healthcare technology field, I always like to hear about people going into the same field that will keep me employed 🙂

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