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Ok so over the weekend kept up my routine on saturday i took a break from the walk cause it rained all day. On sunday i walked and i believe got my mile down to 13 mins. Food did fine no going crazy shakes for breakfast and lunch and reasonable dinners. Today i started my new job @ The Pensacola Voice. Didn’t walk but mowed the three lawns of the house so that counts. I realized something. If your going to be a designer or anyone professional for that matter and deal with a lot of electronic files please be organized, fortunately for me this was beaten into me by a professor in college but, I had the joy of trying to sort through someone elses mess today and all i wanted to do was start from scratch unfortunately I can’t. So for your sake in karma be organized and detailed so whoever has to deal with your stuff later can do it without having to have code breaking ring and a year to sort through it all.

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