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work work Commissions, and trying

So, I’ve been doing a lot more digital art lately and what I am trying to accomplish lately is two fold. One I needed to draw more since i finished art school i have really let my self fall out of practice and form bad habits  second more commisionable work! So what that means is I am trying to get myself back to the level i was at before and open up some commissions and custom shirts, and other cool mods which brings me to my website that I am desperately trying to get up. Which all ties to trying to get my solo company going somewhere. So needless to say goal time by Oct. 1, i want to have atleast a entire new line of custom clothing up and maybe more and be taking commisions. I currently use Cafepress to do my shirts but if someone knows a better quality mass printer that would be awesome. Also I am going to break out the screen printer and do stuff here but that stock will be hard to maintain. So please be on the look out for my store, and help support a local artist. Thanks all here is the links to my recent workings.

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Been working

So I’ve been working at my new job, and trying to get some stuff together for my website. The latter being a little hard. Walking is holding up though the rain around here lately is making it a little hard some days. Guess i can start walking in the rain though that seems a bit unlikely. So anyways a quick post for times sake and links to what I’ve been doing lately.

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