Mental Blocks and Art

So sat down to do some design work today, and hit a giant creative mind block. Couldn’t think of anything or get my self going in the right direction. Now usually I would just muscle it out, and keep going but today i couldn’t do anything…So .. Throw on music bust out the tablet and just start free drawing, here is what came out.. as well so you all know I was able to get going because of this, and start working on the actual commercial product. So advice next time your stuck just let your self go and release all the limits just to get yourself in the right mind, then go back to it.

In My Head

Done Entirely in one layer with no eraser to mimic the style of spray painting i used to do. 🙂 Probably becoming a Tshirt


This is my artwork and I Hold all rights to it. No reproduction, re use of any kind, or re posting without my written permission.

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3 thoughts on “Mental Blocks and Art

  1. I love this. So many ways to look at it. The colors are subtle and vibrant at the same time. Is it a hood or a helmet? What does the hole mean? So many questions pop into your mind. Awesome. And the one, offset horn is great.

    • lostzion says:

      Thank you for the comments :)…its actually a skull and the hole is basically the collapse of control with all of my thoughts pouring out. The one horn along with the very subtle devil girl on the outside represents my slight but ever present deviace nature and corruption from outside media. At the time of drawing i was in a creative mental block and i kept hearing the song karam police in my head so i dont know …. but thank you for the like and ill try to get some more stuff up…

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