To stand in front of the mirror

Idyllically watching the backwards progression

Those around us moving in ever repeating circles

The drain of wich holds no relevance

we fall

Collapsing inward distrust, distaste, dissatisfied

What then holds the hand of our youth.

no hope to see the future that breads

watching the pornography taking place in front of me

this is the jungle of contempt, this is the forest of hate

this is where i am left to navigate uncompassed by north or south

distracted from up to down, right from wrong.

we fall

Learn today what the future holds

Read tomorrow what the past was

hope that it doesn’t all fall, hope in the end

we fly

been watching alot lectures on economics, political study, and over all philosophy again. So for last weeks post i give you the above poem. Take what you will from it. More to come later this week, art. Comments discussions these things i need to help voice you.


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