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Alright about 3 hours total work here, digital drawing of a werewolf in a dark forest. Not thrilled with it, but not horrid. Just more practice to get better for commissions, and expand my art. Hope you guys enjoy.

all art belongs to me, no reuse, copy, or altering without my written permission.

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Sci Fi elves

for those of you who don’t follow me on twitter, or my painting from 2 days ago. Scifi elf, couldn’t really get the background how i wanted it oh well.

artwork belongs to me no reworking, copying, redistributing  or anything of the like without my written permission.



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quick jot from last week,

ok those of you who follow my twitter already saw this but since i forgot to post over the weekend last weekend gonna throw this up for everyone else. image based on a cosplay i saw on reddit, this week more to come been drawing today so hopefully will have a something finished by this weekend. Till then just glad the elections are over, as a Floridian the ads where getting old. for larger size.

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