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So been sitting unemployed, and working on another drawing to make an attempt at making some money as an artist. I have  a lot of projects in mind, but I need to finish them. Anyways here is my little rant/request for the general public. Support you local artist. A lot of these people are working there hearts out to produce solid art and products in their spare time or after pulling in a regular 40+ hour week at another job. Or as in my case are trying desperately to make it without assistance by just producing their income, in a self employed fashion.

 Most of us are hurting due to the economic downturn that is the current state of affairs in most countries. However as consumers you are still purchasing, on an almost daily routine, things that make your life feel more comfortable. The reason for this is tied to a physiological need as people to feel, no just survive. So my point here is this, if your going to spend money on aesthetic products anyways, why not support someone in your community, instead of feeding more big profits to corporate 1%.

I know finding these products may from time to time be more difficult than say walking into to a Superstore and buying a pre-framed looks real painting for 50 bucks, but the adventure is usually half the fun in life. Plus you will have a story tied to the piece, as well as a future resource for more art.

Second point, usually artist know artist so by making contact with these vendors, they may be able to help you with other projects in the future. Say you need a photographer for blah event, artist “oh i have a friend i went to school with who shoots, I’ll give them a call and hook you up”. This Idea of a self servicing community I believe on a larger scale is the answer to corporate greed, but on a smaller scale is a nice way of going about life.

Believe me this is already taking place in larger cities with small art pockets, it’s just time to bring it to all communities. If your an artist and reading this lets do us all a favor and start looking at this as the model of the future. Treat these projects as potential future investments, not just a hobby. Also be prepared to make contacts and network with many different people (time to get organized.)

If you have any bright ideas or in the Panhandle area drop me a line in the comments below. Lets get this ball rolling. 

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