I am Graphic Artist living in Florida. I have a Bachelors Degree in Art/Design. I have held many tittles through my short 3 decades of life and intend to hold many more. I tend to rant, and say things that may be off the wall. I am both a dreamer and a realist at the same time. I do freelance work as well as commissions. I am a Nerd and a giant child at times. I am a bit of a procrastinator so bare with me please.  I love a lot of things, and am generally good picking something up and being solid at it. My grammar and spelling are awful so you’ll have to excuse that from time to time. Sometimes I will sound intelligent and educated and sometimes I will not. I do not believe in glorifying ones ego by talking in circles around people or using overly ambiguous adjectives to illustrate points. If your audience can not understand you, you have no audience. I believe art should stand for itself and neither sex, creed, religion, race, or any other abstract reality concept should matter when looking at art for the first time. Beyond the first impression of art, and the first spoken moment, if the audience wishes to engage more with the artist, to learn if the empathy or thought process was correct or needs to be driven more post interaction that is fine, but something that should never be ‘needed’. That is me in my little narcissistic nut shell. Please feel free to contact me for discussions, friendships, work or anything besides telling me that your opinion or facts are the only way the world works or can be interpreted. There is a language for that its called math.


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