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Saturday and another dance

So, holding strong on the running I’ve actually gotten it down to about 12min miles with jogging about a total of 1/4 of the mile in all walking fast the rest. So yay. Design front busy busy working on re-learning newspaper layouts, and re hashing my print. Aslo just picked up a large sketch pad and newsprint pad so may be breaking out the charcoals again soo we will see. I’ve also decided i believe to build a tao army for the new 40k but i am going to wait for the new codex and models to drop until then, ill be hashing out color schemes ideas so if you have any drop a line maybe ill buy a box of fire warriors and do one in different themes and suggestions and we can vote on the final idea. Went to the Tin Cow again today for lunch with the family and Ellis. Must say they where busier than usual and unlike most restaurant this made the service even better. I still say give em a chance if you havent yet. Otherwise signing off got a Beta to test on a game thats coming out soon and its awesome be on the look out for blurbs on that soon.Until later stay safe and live well.

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omg must not change

soo i sit here with my laundry list of things i want to paint, and try so hard to remind my self i still have like 200 rats and other ratty things to paint. So some ideas i have about striking scorpions, but what i really want to pain right now is a chaos lord on juggernaut, and a dark eldar army. sooo need to push through some more rats so hopefully i will get some more picks up of my skaven, as i will be pushing through them trying to get through it.

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Ok more skaven down heres a start of mock up of a unit 3 down. im playing with diffrent color schemes i was going with green and then realized that they would all start to look like plague monks( which will come later). so i also wish i had more time to do nmm techniques but 160 of just these clan rats is goin to be a bit to much for that. not bad for getting the process down to about 1.5 hours for 2 rats still need to get it faster. ok here you go. ohh great tut on rust techniques on gw’s skaven painting guide.

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And as promised

ok as promised the first picks of the skaven mock up…. .and for quote of the night “no no that cheating bitch can pay for himself”

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Skaven under way

So did the first skaven tonight testing out skin tones, and color schemes for the basic troops. Decently happy with it now to figure out to how to speed it up a bit since ill have to do about 160 rank and file troops. Pics will come tomorrow.

So as promised but late some pics of the fig i just finished… now for those that dont know, this fig is about the 2 inches tall and was solid black before starting. for those that understand most the model in nmm style with only the top of the banner having a light gold base coat with nmm over it to make it stand out more. im not really happy with the banner, but i am very happy with the internal light source from the sword, its subtle but there. Not bad for having not picked up a brush for over a year. anyways hope yall like it.


next up skaven pre work out, ( get color scheme and styles down for my new upcoming skaven army.)

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