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Design moving foward

So been stupid busy lately working full time as a web dev, and layout artist as well as trying to get more freelance work going, all in all doesn’t leave much time for writing. But for those of the few follower I do have here is a quick catch up sat down took a deep breath and plugged about 100 lines deeper into my person mobile css sheet I’ve been building. So the question is what do we build for a mobile web or a a web that a web that goes universal the argument as grown slimmer with the advent years ago with responsive design, and I am all for it but there is still the philosophy that responsive design is still a “mobile web”. Long story short here is an interesting article I ran across in my research might be worth the read. Enjoy be safe talk to you all soon.

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WIP first take

first take on my wedding invitations

This is my artwork and I Hold all rights to it. No reproduction, re use of any kind, or re posting without my written permission.

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Been working

So I’ve been working at my new job, and trying to get some stuff together for my website. The latter being a little hard. Walking is holding up though the rain around here lately is making it a little hard some days. Guess i can start walking in the rain though that seems a bit unlikely. So anyways a quick post for times sake and links to what I’ve been doing lately.



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Works and More

Ok so over the weekend kept up my routine on saturday i took a break from the walk cause it rained all day. On sunday i walked and i believe got my mile down to 13 mins. Food did fine no going crazy shakes for breakfast and lunch and reasonable dinners. Today i started my new job @ The Pensacola Voice. Didn’t walk but mowed the three lawns of the house so that counts. I realized something. If your going to be a designer or anyone professional for that matter and deal with a lot of electronic files please be organized, fortunately for me this was beaten into me by a professor in college but, I had the joy of trying to sort through someone elses mess today and all i wanted to do was start from scratch unfortunately I can’t. So for your sake in karma be organized and detailed so whoever has to deal with your stuff later can do it without having to have code breaking ring and a year to sort through it all.

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So as a quick catch up. Just finished another project, reminded me of a couple things. Never through out a design on the first go around sometimes just a simple rehashing or the change of color can completely fix things. Just take another look, or do like i do and walk away for an hour a day whatever it takes to get out of the mud that the design is bad or flawed. Keep plugging away. Also www.lostziondesigns.com is up and kind of there. So keep a look out for updates there. In the other side of the coin we have Warhammer 40k 6th edition out and looks like my Tau might be making a comeback to the field so watch my minis topic for pics of that until then see yall in the real world.

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