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just a quick

so I haven’t posted anything this week, because i got a new job!.. I’m working as a web dev for footbridge media and so far its going great. unfortunately the change in schedule + other demands of life are leaving little time for drawing. I’m sure I’ll settle into a routine soon enough and get stuff going up again! until then bare with me and Maybe ill do my code of the day or something to keep you guys coming back! until later Stay brilliant.

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Just a quick note

So been sitting unemployed, and working on another drawing to make an attempt at making some money as an artist. I have  a lot of projects in mind, but I need to finish them. Anyways here is my little rant/request for the general public. Support you local artist. A lot of these people are working there hearts out to produce solid art and products in their spare time or after pulling in a regular 40+ hour week at another job. Or as in my case are trying desperately to make it without assistance by just producing their income, in a self employed fashion.

 Most of us are hurting due to the economic downturn that is the current state of affairs in most countries. However as consumers you are still purchasing, on an almost daily routine, things that make your life feel more comfortable. The reason for this is tied to a physiological need as people to feel, no just survive. So my point here is this, if your going to spend money on aesthetic products anyways, why not support someone in your community, instead of feeding more big profits to corporate 1%.

I know finding these products may from time to time be more difficult than say walking into to a Superstore and buying a pre-framed looks real painting for 50 bucks, but the adventure is usually half the fun in life. Plus you will have a story tied to the piece, as well as a future resource for more art.

Second point, usually artist know artist so by making contact with these vendors, they may be able to help you with other projects in the future. Say you need a photographer for blah event, artist “oh i have a friend i went to school with who shoots, I’ll give them a call and hook you up”. This Idea of a self servicing community I believe on a larger scale is the answer to corporate greed, but on a smaller scale is a nice way of going about life.

Believe me this is already taking place in larger cities with small art pockets, it’s just time to bring it to all communities. If your an artist and reading this lets do us all a favor and start looking at this as the model of the future. Treat these projects as potential future investments, not just a hobby. Also be prepared to make contacts and network with many different people (time to get organized.)

If you have any bright ideas or in the Panhandle area drop me a line in the comments below. Lets get this ball rolling. 

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Working on yourself

So just finished my flat layout of my new site… I should now munch through the code in the next coming weeks and will throw up an update when the site is officially up.

Beyond that though I’ve been stuck in a pretty heavy rut for a little while now. It’s hard to keep a positive look on things when every time things seem like they might turn around, life sucker punches you and tells you nope not yet. Now those of you that know me know that I am very much a roll with the punches kind of guy and if anything may be to good at sluffing off my problems and more. That being said as I was working through my design I realized maybe i need to take a little more time to improve myself, or enrichment

So that being said here goes. So if i have any readers and regular followers try this with me. Find something you’ve always wanted to do, some skill or something and lets learn it. Be it a foreign language, how to paint, draw a self portrait, build a website, whatever lets do it. I’m gonna try to teach NAY I will teach myself how to play piano. So go nutz leave your goals in the comments, If i can can help you let me know share knowledge, we are all connected. Ok night for most of you, the rest don’t stay up to late….

Live well, but more importantly love lots!

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Drawings, Debates and so much more


All right so the week comes to a close. I was really good about drawing almost every day for those that want daily updates on my art you can follow me on twitter @lostzion or you can look  me up on deviatnart.com as lostzion. But ill post links to all of the work bellow. All work this week was done in my sketch book, so no digital stuff this week and the pics are meh cause I’m lazy and did them with my camera phone, and not my dslr.

All that aside the week as proven to be about like the presidents performance in the debate for me “lack luster” money is always an object and with the financial burden of paying for a wedding and trying to buy a house all at the same time while coming off debt from losing my last job, well lets just say more than one day i wake up and don’t want to get out of bed. Still we push on.

Which brings me to my next little rant homeland/domestic piracy, and no i don’t mean bit torrents. So how the hell is this not considered loansharking, honestly sometimes i wonder if the mob is running the credit card companies. I have a American Express card that I’ve had for over 5 year my limit is not huge and Its always paid off to zero balance once a year. I will admit when I lost my job my credit record was not stellar and I had some late payments but that whole time they never did anything. So now Its been well into 8 months since I made a late payment and I slip not noticing that this past one is due on Saturday so I  pay it Sunday morning at like 2am. So here we go, Incoming Piracy, 2 hours late and week later i get a letter saying hey for the next 6 months your interest rate is now 60%, 60% fucking percent are you kidding me this is PIRACY. The best part is the only way to get it lower is wait 6 months with no late payments. So yea, regulations my ass, I feel like I’m being extorted. Needless to say I will be cutting up this card and no longer will American Express receive my business, not that they care.

So I suppose I will leave you all with two little mind bullets, one if you want to commission a piece, I believe I am ready to take on that project and two if you have a theme request for one of my daily sketches post it in the comments and I’ll see what I can get done. Alright till next time thanks for readying and stay safe, stay sane, and keep breathing.


oh as promised

NSFW——-> http://lostzion.deviantart.com/#/d5h2l11



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This weeks blog

So I’ve decided that minimal I will post on here once a week. Things to catch you all up on. Mind is set to wonder this week, not knowing what to do.
I’ve finally disconnected my self from a safety net, and its odd to say the least. Finally putting a nail in the coffin of hope, and I know this should spear head me into a direction of hard work, but instead I’m just circling farthing into the bleak of depression.
On an up note, the idea that I need to find something stable to hold is strong, but the exercise plan is failing fast. Always seems something has to go in these mind sets and since, I can’t let go of the reality’s of life looks like my exercise plan is slipping.
On the other end of things started working out the design specs for the wedding invites so should start seeing a WIP post on those next week.
Until then stay humble, stay strong, and stay alive.

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Been working

So I’ve been working at my new job, and trying to get some stuff together for my website. The latter being a little hard. Walking is holding up though the rain around here lately is making it a little hard some days. Guess i can start walking in the rain though that seems a bit unlikely. So anyways a quick post for times sake and links to what I’ve been doing lately.



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Saturday and another dance

So, holding strong on the running I’ve actually gotten it down to about 12min miles with jogging about a total of 1/4 of the mile in all walking fast the rest. So yay. Design front busy busy working on re-learning newspaper layouts, and re hashing my print. Aslo just picked up a large sketch pad and newsprint pad so may be breaking out the charcoals again soo we will see. I’ve also decided i believe to build a tao army for the new 40k but i am going to wait for the new codex and models to drop until then, ill be hashing out color schemes ideas so if you have any drop a line maybe ill buy a box of fire warriors and do one in different themes and suggestions and we can vote on the final idea. Went to the Tin Cow again today for lunch with the family and Ellis. Must say they where busier than usual and unlike most restaurant this made the service even better. I still say give em a chance if you havent yet. Otherwise signing off got a Beta to test on a game thats coming out soon and its awesome be on the look out for blurbs on that soon.Until later stay safe and live well.

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Works and More

Ok so over the weekend kept up my routine on saturday i took a break from the walk cause it rained all day. On sunday i walked and i believe got my mile down to 13 mins. Food did fine no going crazy shakes for breakfast and lunch and reasonable dinners. Today i started my new job @ The Pensacola Voice. Didn’t walk but mowed the three lawns of the house so that counts. I realized something. If your going to be a designer or anyone professional for that matter and deal with a lot of electronic files please be organized, fortunately for me this was beaten into me by a professor in college but, I had the joy of trying to sort through someone elses mess today and all i wanted to do was start from scratch unfortunately I can’t. So for your sake in karma be organized and detailed so whoever has to deal with your stuff later can do it without having to have code breaking ring and a year to sort through it all.

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So it seems….

In life there are times you pick your battles and times you have to bite your tongue, and while its seems that I have failed at this today, the truth is actually i have yet again played the part of punching bag. It seems most the times when i get upset and try to speak my mind that inevitably it will be reversed and i will be the one taking the lashing and bitting back a response this seems to be the response to most of the relationships in my life. I will cater, bend, help aid, try to make things easier for anyone involved in my life, yet still karma finds it necessary to kick me in the ass constantly. So anyways without going further or in to greater details and before any one assumes this is about them it more than likely is not i will sign off.. to the world tonight your on your own….

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