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and so i sit

Ok so i sit here browsing the internet cause well frankly i cant sleep and i cant do anything else. The little lady got job working at the but crack of dawn and bless her she needs sleep. So i sit in the dark bored with pandora pumping in one ear, and nothing to really say or do.

Video games have let me down this evening big surprise there, it funny how big of a void wow can leave when you finally get tired of it. I’ve wondered if maybe its a bad thing since it shows just how much time and effort was put into it. I say put in and not wasted because for i honestly believe people need to back off the idea that because its a game that its wrong to put so much effort in and thus call it a waste of time. It is firstĀ  a Social Network of people working together to accomplish similar goals and interest. I can also say for a year of my life when i was torn away from all my friends and hangouts it gave me people to be social with, since the town i was in was pretty much the snake pit hell hole of the world. But all said and done after 6 fun years i have hung up my plate mail and shield with my epics and mounts and decided that it was a good run, now what to do….

Anyways on a similar note it appears i may be changing directions in my life as work has become so hard to find it looks like at 30 i may be going back to school for a 180 in career paths.. could it be the artist, designer may in fact become a male nurse well it looks like it could happen stay tuned and thanks for listening.

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