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Drawings, Debates and so much more


All right so the week comes to a close. I was really good about drawing almost every day for those that want daily updates on my art you can follow me on twitter @lostzion or you can look  me up on deviatnart.com as lostzion. But ill post links to all of the work bellow. All work this week was done in my sketch book, so no digital stuff this week and the pics are meh cause I’m lazy and did them with my camera phone, and not my dslr.

All that aside the week as proven to be about like the presidents performance in the debate for me “lack luster” money is always an object and with the financial burden of paying for a wedding and trying to buy a house all at the same time while coming off debt from losing my last job, well lets just say more than one day i wake up and don’t want to get out of bed. Still we push on.

Which brings me to my next little rant homeland/domestic piracy, and no i don’t mean bit torrents. So how the hell is this not considered loansharking, honestly sometimes i wonder if the mob is running the credit card companies. I have a American Express card that I’ve had for over 5 year my limit is not huge and Its always paid off to zero balance once a year. I will admit when I lost my job my credit record was not stellar and I had some late payments but that whole time they never did anything. So now Its been well into 8 months since I made a late payment and I slip not noticing that this past one is due on Saturday so I  pay it Sunday morning at like 2am. So here we go, Incoming Piracy, 2 hours late and week later i get a letter saying hey for the next 6 months your interest rate is now 60%, 60% fucking percent are you kidding me this is PIRACY. The best part is the only way to get it lower is wait 6 months with no late payments. So yea, regulations my ass, I feel like I’m being extorted. Needless to say I will be cutting up this card and no longer will American Express receive my business, not that they care.

So I suppose I will leave you all with two little mind bullets, one if you want to commission a piece, I believe I am ready to take on that project and two if you have a theme request for one of my daily sketches post it in the comments and I’ll see what I can get done. Alright till next time thanks for readying and stay safe, stay sane, and keep breathing.


oh as promised

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