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tonights speed drawing

so been trying to get back to drawing regularly again. Tonight’s 20 min speed drawing. As always all work on this blog unless (otherwise stated belongs to me) and is original please ask if you would like to use or re-use. Thank you. Based off photo from http://www.pbase.com/ooochromeooo/profile

all work belongs to lostzion

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Today I see U tomorrow i go furniture hunting for pieces to flip inc art furniture for sale.

So just a quick work up today, pre-sketch of elven maid may or may not go anywhere also did a quick work on of an eye, need to practice eyes, more. Tomorrow I start my hunt for furniture to re do artistically to flip, in yet another attempt to make some money in this world as an artist. So pictures will be coming for that soon.


all art belongs to me, if you would like to use or obtain a copy please contact me directly. Every time you rip off an artist someone gets one step closer to homelessness.

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todays randomness

as always  my work cant be copied or used without my explicit written permission.

as always my work cant be copied or used without my explicit written permission.

as always my work can not be copied or used without my written explicit permission.
you wouldn’t ask your dentist to fix a tooth for free and then maybe come back and use him again stop asking artist for free work. We are professional too.

so today i sat down to draw and did a horrid 3/5th portrait so started over and random drinking dino comes out. Not sure what the hell all this means but it certainly is the direction of my brain at the moment. Still cant find work and life continues to want to keep me from moving forward. So i draw, contemplate getting a masters and how the hell i will pay for that, and whether if in this collapse of America if its worth it or not. Seems I’ll have to sit a little longer and wait. Anyways if any of you have something you would like drawn, My commissions are wide open. ok well off to forage enjoy today’s BS

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Morning sketch

today’s warmup sketch, not sure what to do now, but here is a cute litte trex to start my day. 15 min warmup sketchyness


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Creature Creations

Creature Creations


So got my computer fixed, its working great, so back to drawing. My first test on the new machine a Sea Creature Creation. WIP

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todays drawings

For those of you following my progression with dual fight here is some more work done


and for fun here is my warm up sketch dump for the day.


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