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just a quick

so I haven’t posted anything this week, because i got a new job!.. I’m working as a web dev for footbridge media and so far its going great. unfortunately the change in schedule + other demands of life are leaving little time for drawing. I’m sure I’ll settle into a routine soon enough and get stuff going up again! until then bare with me and Maybe ill do my code of the day or something to keep you guys coming back! until later Stay brilliant.

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Been working

So I’ve been working at my new job, and trying to get some stuff together for my website. The latter being a little hard. Walking is holding up though the rain around here lately is making it a little hard some days. Guess i can start walking in the rain though that seems a bit unlikely. So anyways a quick post for times sake and links to what I’ve been doing lately.



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Works and More

Ok so over the weekend kept up my routine on saturday i took a break from the walk cause it rained all day. On sunday i walked and i believe got my mile down to 13 mins. Food did fine no going crazy shakes for breakfast and lunch and reasonable dinners. Today i started my new job @ The Pensacola Voice. Didn’t walk but mowed the three lawns of the house so that counts. I realized something. If your going to be a designer or anyone professional for that matter and deal with a lot of electronic files please be organized, fortunately for me this was beaten into me by a professor in college but, I had the joy of trying to sort through someone elses mess today and all i wanted to do was start from scratch unfortunately I can’t. So for your sake in karma be organized and detailed so whoever has to deal with your stuff later can do it without having to have code breaking ring and a year to sort through it all.

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so spent most the day working on another website in flash, man its been a little bit for flash and having to re learn AS II, anyways having some fun with it. Its nice to be on a project that’s different than what I’ve been working on.

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