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2 AM thoughts

Bless the open forum that is the porn filled halls of the world wide web for here I can babble on a in a non coherent and ungrammatical fashion about nonsense that doesn’t matter. It would seem that here words of countless artist, writers, philosophers, intellectuals, and hormone riddled teenagers ramble on into space spinning its neat tapestry of wasted time and energy. All this is a strange attempt to play doctor to our own emotional illness. Self medicated over worked and tapped of inspiration, here now back in the corners of having nothing better to do I find things floating to the surface again asking to be typed but never needing to.

Soooo warning stated the following statements are ramblings from my head and probably not worth a second glance stop reading now

I was discussing with a friend about the inability to look with in our own limits and I’ve come to the realization that we by our nature are hypocritical. For instances we are told to dream and think big and never hold back and go for gold, yet when we stumble or fall short we hear ah well you over stretched yourself, or you aimed to high. Is this evolution in a strange capitalist environment, is this just the next stage of development designed to thin the heard? Marxist would have us believe that it is simply everyone falling into their proper place in order for society to continue it takes all strokes and there for all should be regarded equal. However we do not follow that philosophy in this country. So really its just that I’m not suppose to be up top and my cog butt needs to get back in line cause I’m disrupting the machine. Well shit here i go cause well that is survival now. No longer a hunt and survive, but rather can you bend yourself and your ideals enough to fit in a common mold to survive. Can you make  yourself enough like what you want and what you need to keep on going.

So my fine audience ask yourself today what was worth the thought, what made you stop and think about something other than I’m hungry, I need to get home to watch Dexter, etc…  When things creep into your head are you able to shut them off, what causes it.  For me today I started to wonder about the connection of strangers and our spacial point. Ok in normal words at what point do we become weirded out by people. Its funny how even a completely public area we treat our space as a territorial issue.  Think I’m crazy go sit in the mall and watch, hell you can even pick out people’s personality’s how they treat there “bubble”. The over aggressive Alpha male and their need to peacock and bristle every time someone gets within a few feet, or the under esteemed kid who wont make eye contact and just moves through the crowd slipping by as quite as possible without notice. Maybe i notice to much or really just think about shit to much ehh who knows, but you want a fun experiment go out and break peoples bubbles without being overly aggressive or mean. Slide a little to close to someone don’t let the kid by, stare at someone for more than 10 seconds while walking by, don’t head nod to someone lol or don’t you might get shot. I didn’t tell you to do anything. Anyways that’s  it for me and my 2am blog that you shouldn’t of read cause really it was 10 mins of wastefulness.

PS sorry Ill put some non depressing non thinkin stuff up next time. Maybe

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